Judge Rui da Fonseca E Castro:

Opening Statement in the Grand Jury Proceeding

Good afternoon.

The legitimacy of the Court of Public Opinion bases on the natural law.

During the last two years we have witnessed the rising[?] collapse of the democratic rule of law. In the name of an idea of ‘common good’, which has never been endorsed, the most fundamental rights and freedoms have been taken from us and we can already feel the approach of a gigantic wave of victims.

Justice systems, once strongholds of fundamental rights and freedoms, no longer fulfil their duties. That is, there are no longer judges in Berlin[?].

Shall we wait, do nothing, until we are completely annihilated or, rather, we assume our responsibilities as members of our communities.

It is our rights and, above all, our duty to the people and to the future generations to resist oppression and tyranny.

The natural law immanent to human being, regardless of its participation, gives us sacred rights of resistance to oppression. If constitutions are the source of participators fundamental rights and freedoms, natural law is its original source. Natural law confers legitimacy to the people to defend fundamental rights and freedoms before a state that has become tyrannical.

It’s clear now, the failure of national and international justice systems to protect people from the tyranny that has taken hold. Therefore, it’s in the natural law and unwritten law inherent to the human condition that this Court of Public Opinion finds it’s legitimacy to initiate legal proceedings that will begin today.

The court is open.